Membran Elevation Minimal Invasive

Memi is an innovative system for the great rise of the maxillary sinus
through the elevation minimally invasive of the membrane of Schneider,
with the use of a balloon in silicone.

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Before the Memi literature pointed
out in 5 mm the minimum thickness to proceed to
the rise of the maxillary sinus by crestal; pointing out as
only practicable technique the rise with a lateral approach.


The use of the Memi device allows to get
• An operation minimally invasive and predictable.
• Possibility to insert a plant in the same session of the intervention of rise, also in presence of 2,5 mm of bone growth.
• A course post-op similar to the common insertion of a plant by carrying out the great rise of the breast by transcrestal.


• Minimally invasive.
• Very brief times of surgical intervention.
• Elapsed post-operating favorable.
• Contained Costs.
• Reduced quantity of filler.
• Great acceptance from the patient.
• Tall percentage of success


The kit contains:
• A balloon in silicone
• A line of prolongation.
• A connector in titanium.
• 4 thicknesses (stop).


Possibility of rise three-dimensionally from 1 mm up to 18 mm with transcrestal
access, practising an osteotomy from 3,5 mm.

Insertion of a radio-opaque balloon in silicone inflated with physiological solution through an advancement device micrometer endowed with pressure gauge, that checks the good result of the manoeuvres.

An operation minimally invasive and predictable,the patient will have a course post-op similar to the common insertion of a plant.

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