Surgical protocol

Surgical protocol

1. moved engraving palatal to expose the maxillary bone

2. Aggression of the cortical bone with the kit of cutters kit with stop dedicated Memi: The objective is to erode the cortical sinus floor and to expose the membrane of Schneider

3. Preventive ungluing of the membrane around the tunnel produced that can be gotten through the use of the curette Memi.
In this moment of the surgery you must be had well clear the measure in mm of the bony journey from cortical in crest to cortical of the floor of the breast to position the stops that will allow the device to project of 1mm in the maxillary breast.

4. Introduced the device, it is begun to slowly rotate the thin piston to get an enough pressure to make that the balloon can expand in gradual and homogeneous way inside the breast.

5. The balloon is slowly inflated up to the desired rise:
1 mL = 11 mm of rise
1,5 mL = 13 mm of rise
2,0 mL = 16 mm of rise
The balloon must remain expanded for 3-5 minutes so that to give the time to the elastic component of the membrane to settle in.
In this phase it will be possible to make a rx , thanks to theradio-opaque balloon, which will show the success of the procedure.

6. The toy balloon can be deflated,the Memi device extract, and you can be proceeded to the insertion of the bony filler in putty, saturating the exact volume created by the expansion of the balloon. To this point you can be proceeded with the insertion of the plant.