Regenerative material

Regenerative material

Safety guarantee and quality
Bioteck is an Italian firm That Produces substitutes and protective membranes employees with success in Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and in surgery gold facial maxillo.
Founded in 1995, the firm is in constant growth and is present all over the world in over 50 countries. the commitment for the scientific search it is at the base of the innovative solutions offered by the Bioteck products. The firm collaborates to numerous projects of search, also international, that have given impulse to the search of base and contributed to write important chapters of the biology of the bone. From the deep knowledge that Biotek acquires thanks to the search the absolute quality of its products that is submitted to rigorous controls derives, both environmental and qualitative, guaranteeing a product from the tallest profiles of quality and safety.
Biotek applies a politics of total transparency and opens the doors of his Center multifunctional of Research and development allowing to follow the productive trials to the state-of-the-art one and the intense activity of scientific search conducted by his personnel.

Biochemical / quality control laboratory.

Bone substitute collagen

Exclusive trial of deantigenazione

OSTEOXENON is gotten by Biotek, firm leader in the sector of the biological production of bony substitutes, through the exclusive process of enzymatic deantigeazione Zymo-Teck.

This advanced method founds it on the employment of trials biotecnology of last generation: mixtures of lithic enzymes, to varying composition, they deprive the animal bone of the component whole antigeniches, making it completely eco-friendly . The used enzymes operate in watery solution to checked temperatures.
The mineral component doesn’t suffer any alteration, neither chemistry, neither physics.

Preservation of the bony collagene

To graft collagen in the site to regenerate creates a precise biological condition: the osteoblastis produce a fiber of collagene that is saturated then from mineral of kick.
it is the same three-dimensional structure of the collagene that allows the nucletion of crystals of bony apatite, through a physical phenomenon called epitassia.
The bony collagene of I° type stimulates,both at the cellular level that subcellular , an extremely great number of trials implicated in the bony regeneration.
The presence of the bony collagene in OX is also shown in polarized light: the collagen fibers, possessing a regular structure, introduces the characteristic refractivity that makes her appear clearer.

Total remodeling

Osteoxenon is rehandled and absorbed through the action of the osteoclastis. This happens through a physiological kinetics: as the bone of the patient is remodeled completely within 8-12 months, so it happens for Osteoxenon: departed this period is completely replaced by the bone of the patient.
This is possible because OX unlike other materials, is recognized as optimal substratum by the osteoclastis that they reabsorb it in physiological way; only in this case, in fact, the regenerative trial can finish with the complete substitution of the graft.
If the material is remodeled and is reabsorbed in physiological way,cannot be loss of volume . If the material is reabsorbed too quickly (example:calcium phosphate ) or too slowly (example: synthetic hydroxyapatites) the new endogenous bone volume it is not equal to the grafted volume. Osteoxenon, instead, remodeling itself by osteoclast , it allows to maintain the engaged volume.