Who we are

Who we are

We are a firm that operates in the dental sector on the whole national territory, with exclusive interest turned to the regenerative surgery / rehabilitation and implant..


We deal with the distribution of implant devices to elevated qualitative standards and the diffusion, in exclusive, of technologies innovative revolts to the implant surgery and regenerative with minimally invasive techniques.
The notable experience accumulated in the years has brought to a technological and scientific development ; the firm uses qualified personnel and it is placed side by side by a scientific group of search constituted by technical personnel and physician of high formation. The activity of continuous search and the development of new technologies to support of the clinician are the principal business missions.

Our centers pilots they develop continuous activity of formation and tutorship on the whole national territory so that to create an efficient synergy with the final utilizzatoris of our products. In the last years our great effort turns to the development of a new minimally invasive technique for the execution of the intervention of great rise of the maxillary breast by crestal.


The technique MEMI (Membran Elevation Minimal Invasive) Proposes the objective to furnish a valid alternative to the clinician to the conventional intervention of great rise of the maxillary breast, reducing to the least one the risk of complications intra and post-operating and demolishing the surgical times and stretched us out.

Do you want further information on our system for the great rise of the maxillary breast?